DTCA website is a timely initiative by the officers of the Dhaka Transport Coordination Board. This will enhance the image of the organization as modern authority, along with ensuring access to information by the people. The website as an informative resource will also be helpful for people to know the efforts of the officials suggested by Government of Bangladesh to reduce the chronic transportation problem of Dhaka.This Website development is a result of strategic direction of G. M. Jainal abedin Bhuiya, Executive director of DTCA and regular supervision of Md. Anisur Rahman, PD, CASE Project, DTCA. Dr. S M Salehuddin, Additional Executive Director (P&P) and Md. Fazlur Rahman Jamali, Additional Executive Director (TMPTI) also advised for enrichment of the website.

Other offices mentioned below also made various comments in different stages of website development for an improved website.

  • T. M. Helel Uddin Nagari, Advisor (Institutional support & Linkage), DTCA.
  • Md. Amjad Hossain Khan, Director (Admin), DTCA.
  • Md. Sanaul Haque, Sr. Traffic Engineer, DTCA.
  • Dr. Md. Mosharraf Hossain, Training Adviser, DTCA.
  • Sheikh Omar Faruk, Senior Enforcement Officer, DTCA.
  • Md. Zabid Hasan, Transport Planner, DTCA.
  • Md. Nahmadul Hasan, Urban Planner, DTCA.

Junior consultant Md. Saniul Alam was the main coordinator and junior consultant Kazi Nusrat Jahan assisted arranging components of the website.